1. Because, what could I say really ?
  2. That @jessicaz is the most positive woman I Know?
  3. She's nice and funny. And pervy just the way I like it.
  4. She's courageous, and I was gonna say fearless but no, she does have fears but she just goes beyond them.
  5. She has a cute dog and I'm sorry I'm not obsessing over Missy as much as you'd want me too
  6. She's the best English teacher I ever had
  7. She's HOT AS FUCK
  8. She's also one of the only people I Know that when you say "young at heart" it's true. And not because of immaturity like some young at heart men, no she's just young. Wayyy younger than me in many many ways. She's the one who helped me understand snapchat !
  9. She's chill like you'd expect an Australian to be, but will also take no shit
  10. Our friendship is even stronger after agreeing to disagree because that's how true friendships are build
  11. She also won the best meet up invitation ever contest. Seriously @list ?! If after that none of you get on a plane I QUIT !! (Ok maybe I won't but FYI I'll eyeroll) (@Nicholas if you're busy just send @listbot then)
  12. Back to Jess: she's as beautiful inside that she is outside. AND AGAIN SHES HOT AF
  13. She's a Jews enthusiast which is always nice to have. Ok maybe sometimes it's scary and I'm still not totally sure if she befriended me just because I'm a Jew.
    But apparently according to ancestry.com (or .aus ?!) she's 0,03% Jewish so LEHAIM !
  14. She's also a very good wife. Maybe not when she's texting with us when her husband wanna sleep but at least she didn't try to have the sex with a famous rockstar when staying at the same hotel as he.
  15. She's the one I can send dirty puns I see everywhere
  16. She's full of wisdoms
  17. She's so funny
  18. Oh wait. I guess it wasn't that hard to write a list.
  19. Happy birthday Jess. I love you more than you like champagne ❤️🎉🍾 lehaim !