Inspired by my visit of the "World goes Pop" at Tate Modern, London. The exhibit featured so many female artists that 1. It made me realized how few are usually represented 2. How few I know 3. Made me wanna list them ! (Obviously not an expert so I may missed important ones ! Let me know !)
  1. Eulalia Grau
    One of my favorite discovered at the Tate this Spanish artist is also an activist with montages that say a lot
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  4. Dorothée Selz
    French artist that paint and sculpt very different things not just pop art
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    More info and arts :
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  7. Evelyne Axell
    Belgium artist that died quite young in a car accident
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  9. Isabel Oliver
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  12. Beatriz Gonzales
    The Colombian artist is also more than pop art artist with influence from other styles
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  14. Nicola L
    Frenc artist born in Morocco and living in NYC she denounced the "objectisation" of women by literally turning them into objects (picture "Woman Sofa")
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  17. Maria Pinińska-Bereś
    Polish artist that did sculptures and installations and explored gender differences and patriarchy
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  20. Kiki Kogelnik
    Born in Austria she left for the USA in early 60 and hang with Warhol, Lichtenstein, and many others. She brings humor and feminist in a male-dominated art scene influenced by bodies and technology
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  23. Teresa Burga
    That Peruvian artist most likely painted female figures over two-dimensional, bright surfaces (like furnitures) with parody of femininity while humorously remind of children’s toys
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  26. Delia Cancela
    From Buenos Aires this is her work called "Destroyed Heart" (1964), which exaggerates the cliché of heartbreak that is conventionally associated with feminine sentimentality
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  28. Martha Rosled
    From NYC she's an eminent artist, theorist and educator and of course voice of feminism. Her work includes photography, video, installation, photomontage and performance
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  31. Chryssa Vardea
    a Greek-born American sculptor known for monumental assemblages combining neon, bronze, aluminium, plaster, wood, canvas and paint and dound objects
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  34. Judy Chicago
    an American artist, author, feminist and educator, while studying art she was the only woman in a class of 250 men. He work appropriates the car hood, a symbol of machismo, to address the challenges that she encountered
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  37. You can found more on the Tate page ! And on Internet in general I guess !
  38. At the gift shop I also discovered a group that denounced sexism in Art : Guerrilla Girls
  39. That also spread
  40. The message