I know we're not supposed to say never but let's face it, I'm now 28 yo (and 4days sooo still on bday week!) yeah so if didnt leaned them by now, I'll never at all
  1. How to pronounce "SCHEDULE" in English
    FYI @jessicaz tried to teach me for 5 minutes where I just repeated that non stop. The next day I couldn't tell it anymore.
  2. Not going to the hairdresser before it rains like crazy
    Every. Single. Time.
  3. Not cooking when whatever you're watching is on tv, only to sit down when it's ads time
  4. Not buying a piece of clothes that is too small "that I'll wear when I'll loose weight"
    Yeah. right.
  5. Eating without putting whatever you're eating on you
    Solids, sauces : it will end up on me ! I even invented an expression for that, so that my colleagues had this daily game of spotting the.. Food boob™ !!