Hello everyone ! It has come to my attention that there are a lot of new comers, I figure it's better you know those 3 things now and from me... (It can also serve listers that been here for awhile too)
  1. LTRI :The likes & time ratio inequity
    This has been said a lot but : there are lists you'll spend so much (too much?) time on, that will get very few likes VERSUS times when easy short lists will get all the love you needed to fill your lonely heart. (The only remedy is to not spend too much time on lists.)
  2. FU: The featured unfairness
    Aka times when it's a list inspired by another list that got featured and not the actual first list written. (the only remedy is feeling proud to have inspired a success and not be bitter by your Geniusness being ignored)
  3. TLU: The too late unrighteousness
    When a list you thought of and have in your drafts for weeks or months is published by someone else : too late loser ! And you're the only one to blame! I told you not to spend too much time on a list anyway