2. So you think list couldn't get any more whiter ? I'm now trying to make me a writing rapper
  3. Maybe it's because it's 2 am maybe it's the wine or maybe it's because I wanna see Devin Flaherty whine
  4. I tried to say it nicely but you won't take it easy - You say manatees are the coolest but you need some realness cause let's face it they're useless. Useless like that Facebook sharing buttons OH ! No more chillness !
  5. Yes I went there cause I don't even care - yes it may sound lame just read but FYI I'm singing in my head
  6. Look Devin I don't have anything against you all I wanted was you to state the truth. It's not that manatees are inferiors but more about belugas being superiors
  7. They're cuter funnier and nicer. It's like your wife ! WHAT ? It's hard to top Halley coolness and saying it isn't boldness, sorry to drag Halley in that but I'm taking the opportunity that I got to proclaim my girl crush on your wife even if I've never took a hike in my life.
  8. I forgot what else I meant to say cause it's 2:30 and all I wanna do is speak français
  9. Ah oui c'est vrai t'as étudié à Paris, Alors je peux te prendre en rap français aussi !
  10. Je dis pas que les lamantins sont lamentables je dis juste que y a plus aimable - Ces vers dans ma langues maternelle sont exécrables mais faut faut se la raconter sur un réseau social
  11. This is for my belugas in the seas with the big fat boobies : Oh I know the struggle but Dev on that subject is like a muggle so alohomora your mind and maybe you'll find some light
  12. My clock will ring in 5 hours so I'm bringing peace flowers.
  13. But really... those flowers are for Halley. But it would have been even weirder to write a poem just for your wifey
  14. Local