Please stick to calling them wisdoms, not just quotes.
  1. Great people do things before they're ready
    This was my wake up call. I dare myself to go to New York by myself this summer to attend @ucbcomedy training. Also helped me changed jobs. Because if you're listening to yourself you'll never be ready or sure you can do 'it' (whatever the IT is) & here's the thing you'll probably never feel ready. Which brings us to #2
  2. Don't think, do
    Also a ucb rule that I learned actually 10 years ago when I pass a certificate to be an official counselor. At the time the sentence was "we don't tell we do". Same idea, except here it emphasizes the overthinking side effect of that. So less thinking because thinking leads to hesitations and cold feet and regrets. More actions !
  3. No one looks crazy if they're having fun
    So be creative, have fun, just don't care about what people thing. Because to be honest they just really don't care about you either
  4. Good for her! Not for me!
    Embrace other people choices and success. Know what's good for you. Stop comparing yourself with someone that's not you nor have your needs.
  5. Stick for yourself the same way you would for a friend
    Seriously we are so hard on ourselves. I start doing that mostly for work things since me and a colleague were having similar issues and I realized that was I was telling her to do or say wasn't what I was doing. Which is either hypocrite or just dumb. So listen to your own advices !
  6. It's easier to be brave when not alone
    That is also followed by the advice of surrounding yourself with creative people. Basically whatever it is you're doing it will be better if done as a group plus as a group you'll be unstoppable !
  7. Basically just read her book, watch her videos on Any Poehler Smart Girls and you'll be fine
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    I Know almost everyone in here will already know that but it's just feels good to say it again. I live in a country where 98% of the people don't know who she is so I feel like I know a super secret that needs to be share