Lily Of The Valley Day 💐🌼

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    On May 1st in France* the tradition is to offer lily of the valley
    *maybe it's worldwide and I'm too egocentric thinking it's just France.
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    You can find little bouquets in the streets with just one or two lilies
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    Or more fancier bouquets in flower shops with lilies mixed with other flowers
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    I've always loved this holiday
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    Cause ok it's a "commercial holiday" but you can just spend 1 or 2€ on it !
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    I also loved it cause it meant the beginning of May
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    I loved it back when I loved celebrating my birthday so it was a cool way to start my birthday month
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    I loved it cause I love those flowers
    They don't last long, are fragile, are funny looking and smell so good. What's not to like ? Still talking flowers I swear.
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    I loved it cause my father always bring me some
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    I used love in past form cause now that my father isn't here and that I don't get flowers, that I'm not happy my birthday's coming and I'm afraid of what will come in May.. I'm not so sure.
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    But then I past through a shop, and while taking some bouquets for my grandma, mum and aunt I decided to bough some for me
    Because that's what Beyoncé would do right ?
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    And the smell is bringing back all the memories, the happy places, the happy moments
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    And maybe it's gonna be ok.
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    Have a good 1st of May !