@nathanveshecco requested "MY FAVORITE SONGS OF ALL TIME" but on his last list @Nicholas said we have to pimp our titles 😉 so here it is... My eclectic and international top of minds choices (tried not to overthink it, that request is too hard Nathan)
  1. Elisa - Serge Gainsbourg
  2. My song - Elton John
  3. Lose yourself- Eminem
  4. Les copains d'abord - Georges Brassens
  5. Changes - David Bowie
  6. Give it away - The Red Hot Chili Peppers
  7. Hard knock life - Jay-Z
  8. Wannabe -The Spice Girls
    I'm still a 90s girl at heart
  9. By the way - The Red Hot Chili Peppers
  10. At least- Etta James
  11. Mr Curiosity - Jason Mraz
  12. Mistral Gagnant - Renaud
    Voted favorite songs of French people
  13. Les temps changent- MC Solaar
  14. Survivor - Destiny's child
  15. Chanson d'ami Zazie
  16. Breathe me - Sia
  17. Perfect Day - Lou Reed
  18. Just a girl - No Doubt
  19. The death of you and me - Noel Gallagher
  20. The look you gives that guy - The Eels
  21. The best - Tina Turner