It's gonna be one year since @list (formerly know as the list app or TLA) was released (for us garbage public people at least) so let's start the fun and nostalagic wave for all gammas (© @k8mcgarry ) and of course all April newbies ! This are some list ideas I thought of doing ; that I'd love to read or that I'm too lazy to do :
  1. My first lists
    Started to draft this one and damn I was waaay funnier in October 2015
  2. First listers I followed/ first ones to follow me
    Pretty sure it involves @sarahgorman @drugs and @LevNovak
  3. Why I joined TLA (or however you call it)
  4. Why I stayed on TLA
  5. List(s) I didn't write that I often think about
    Honestly I can already tell you without doing my list : 1. @brimattia 's BABIES WHO WISH TO BE FREED FROM THEIR PUMPKIN PRISONS seriously and not just now cause it's nearly Halloween and 2. @mbmurray23 'a TIMES I'VE FOUND MY DAUGHTER SLEEPING THAT'S RESEMBLED A CRIME SCENE pretty much the best list ever right ?!
  6. List I wrote that I often think about
    The one I wrote on November 13th, not knowing what was starting
  7. Listers, ranked
    No. don't do that one.
  8. Ways @Lisa_Fav inspire me everyday
    Do that one.
    I mention that to @Nicholas when we met in August I think he thought I was joking. I was not. This is an actual draft I have cause I have no chill nor shame
  10. Honestly any other nostalgia funny one you can think of, just put the logo [🔵🎂] I'm very proud to have found that
    It wasn't hard to find that but let me have that.