1. Notifications
    Tbh I didn't turn on for that many people. Mainly because of the time difference : I usually have time to catch up all the lists while you're all sleeping ! And also note that one time I did it, I managed to unfollow the person in the same time (hi @thebestSR 🤗, in case you saw that I followed you again last week, now you know why).
  2. Notifications insecurities
    Did anyone turn it on for me ?!!
  3. Time to post
    Again timing and time zone is everything. I've notice that my most unnoticed lists are the one that I post before 4/5pm. I made a slogan for that: if Cali is sleeping you'll never be trending. And by trending I just mean having more than 10 likes 😉 (If only you had notifications turn on 😈)
  4. What lists you may have missed while you were sleeping ?
    Well seriously I feel like I shared an important story yesterday MY GRANDPA STORY : A SHOAH MIRACLE ... And there's also this one WHERE ARE THEY NOW ? FICTIONAL CHARACTERS EDITION but maybe it was unnoticed not because of time difference but for lack of interest
  5. Don't fear ListApp having more users
    Come on unbeta people, we've seen lists of beta users being afraid of the app going public and being reveal to us garbage persons. And see ? It went nicely. THEY LIKE US.
  6. Btw there's already +50k users
    Source: number of person following BJ Novak. But you don't see +50k persons lists everyday. So just chill out already.
  7. The one thing still missing in the App
    I need my dramatic poses before making jokes : aka being able to start a new paragraph within the description. Please.
  8. And now let's post This list at a random timing because I never learn anything anyway