Requested by @aus10
  1. NONE
  2. But I wouldn't even trust my mum neither
  3. I'm scared of fall (and also high and lots of things)
  4. But mostly...
  5. I have trust issues.
  6. Thanks for reminding that @aus10
  7. ...
  8. (My FTC squad are too petites for me @DawnCloud @jessicaz @LeahG I trust you in general but in this scenario let's be honest : I'd fall despite your catch attempt )
  9. Ok maybe @HisDudeness makes the cut since he isn't a petite at all
  10. But now... Would the request be :LIST APPERS I BELIEVE WOULD HELP ME GET UP AFTER A FALL :
    And I fall a lot, especially in public
  11. Well that would be: @franksars @ijeoma @lesbian @lame @TQ @brittscott @Malpal and @roche
    Plus the 4 mentioned above obviously. Although I suspect Emma would fall too
  12. @gwcoffey would make fun of me
  13. @nathanveshecco would snap it
  14. @aus10 would Instagram it as a revenge of all the time I've seen his golf fail & fall video
    If you haven't seen it, let me know I'll provide a link