1. So this is a straight plain asking for a service list
  2. I thought I couldn't take holidays turns out I can and should take them now
  3. One of my holidays option is going to Chicago to do some improv intensive
  4. I found a fair plane tickets with few days stop at NYC
  5. I'm surprised by the Chicago Airbnb prices ! So my question is do you know someone subletting their apartment in August ? Not too far or with easy access to second city ? Or do you have an extra room haha ok I'm dreaming (or I should wait til October time for @LeahG to get one!!)
    Around the week of the 21st
  6. Also when I'm decided be ready for NY and Chicago meet up !!!
    That is if I'm going, depends of the sleeping thing budget !!!
  7. So please let me know ! Thank ! (And I'll love you even if you can't I swear !)
  8. Note that I don't even ask for NYC cause I KNOW ITS IMPOSSIBLE TO FIND ANYWAY !!