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  1. List of shame
    Sentiment after you post in the middle of the night, drunk or sober, a very personal or ridiculous list and/or comment. Ex: that time I suggested in a @jeremysomething list that I was too drunk at 6 am to take off my dress and turn off the light. See also, many lists @LeahG posted and deleted. FYI BEING IN A DIFFERENT TIME ZONE : I SEE THEM ALL
  2. List Tease
    See my previous list : List Tease, Defined.
  3. DTR: Define the relationlist
    Are we list buddies ? Friends ? It usually goes from list to twitter to text so you'll know.
  4. Recommended people
    People better than you. You useless garbage not blue checked public person
  5. Gammas
    Brillant invention by the brillant @k8mcgarry to make us public garbage people feel less garbage. We are important AND YOU ARE GOING TO LOVE US ΓΓΓ✨ ONLY TRUE GAMMAS WILL REMEMBER THIS ✨ΓΓΓ
  6. List sulking
    Pretty self explanatory; not to be mixed up with sublist
  7. Sublist
    Subliminal list made against someone without tagging that someone Ex: 👋
  8. Ghostlisting
    Sending your list draft to your friends (once you defined the relationlist you'll know) to let them add things on your list. Ex: @DawnCloud added this to this very list
  9. List wave
    Noun: something everybody loves at first but then hate 3 days later
  10. List prime time
    Basically when most of the U.S is awake. For people like @franksars and I it used to mean posting after our 6pm; now we are much more crazy !! The other day I posted at 2 pm !! YOLO !!
  11. List fights
    Very important battle like making sure the right @ was made cause this is the biggest issue in our day and age
  12. List unfairness and injustices
  13. @ handle frustration
    Not being able to be @onlymyfirstname when the person having it is an old beta that only posted 10 list more than a year ago (hi @lisa nothing personal) (having a personal relationship with @listbot isn't even helping me can't bribe a bot)
  14. List group or list clique
    The main difference is clique members mostly like just each others lists while groupe are more open to others
  15. List romance
    A very cute and romantic love story that will most likely ends in drama cause love isn't real, even if found on
  16. Update
    Something some people will take personably and won't go over for weeks and months because everybody has their struggles and fights you know
  17. Ghost versus flounce
    Fact of disappearing forever while still keeping their account versus saying that you're leaving (or not) delete your account but then come back. Sometime repeating that pattern more than once.