Sort of inspired by @jeremyblachman except I don't have kids so... Meet my 80yo Ashkenazy Parisian grandma
  1. Reasons my grandson Anthony is the best
  2. Best places to get discounts
  3. Times my granddaughters disappointed me
  4. How to get a store to refund you anything even if you buy the thing 3 years ago
  5. Best things about Anthony
  6. My best guilt trip hacks
  7. Fruits, ranked
  8. Things I've read in the journal today
  9. Gossips I know from tabloids that-I-didn't-buy-but-read-at-the-hair-salon
  10. Photos of my youngest granddaughter Shanna school's reports
  11. Top 10 things I'll change about Lisa
  12. Times I was the proudest of my grandson the lawyer, Anthony
  13. Secrets I'll never tell
  14. Pictures of my basement that is more clean than my granddaughter bedroom
  15. Best week-ends and travel with my grand kids
  16. 99 Reasons my husband was the best man on earth
  17. Times I was helpful to the entire family
  18. And did I tell you about my grandson ?