I had a sad day (personal stuff) and a enraged night (Kesha verdict) so I guess this is some contents I'd love to read (tonight in particular but to be honest anytime too)
  1. Things will be ok for women everywhere one day, I swear
    Yeah good luck with that one
  2. Ways I'll cheer you up
    You being a generic imaginary person. (Unless you want to make it to someone in particular, of course. actually.. do whatever you want) Originally a request I made [more than week ago] to @nathanveshecco but now he lost his exclusivity cause: 1. He didn't make it 2. We aren't listclusive anyways
  3. Favorite videos of animals hugging other animals or baby or humans or anything really
    Yes I know I'm a terrible and weak human
  4. Funny embarrassing thing I said or did (that I'm ok to share)
    Geez people that insist for people to tell embarrassing stories are the worst. See Amy Poehler's book about that (to sum you don't have to tell your worst stories and people that insist are the worst)
  5. The 10 first lists (that I didn't write) that come to my mind when I think of lists
    Love some top of mind lists (doesn't necessarily mean it will be your favs but just the ones you though of first !) yay to doing shout outs to other listers
    Don't do this one. I just didn't have a better ending nor punchline. (But you can say that you love me in the comments, I wouldn't be mad )