1. Guys !!! I Finally have a date !! Doesn't 2017 start with fire and hope ?!
  2. Except I don't.
  3. I'm doing some background extras as my friend Sabrina is directing and writing a short movie for a film contest
    I know not having a speaking role is aberrant
  4. The only infos I got was i'm gonna be in a restaurant, on a date. Not sure yet if with a boy or a girl, damn anything can happen 2017 !!!
  5. Also Sabrina made fun of me as I would list the day as soon as I get in the pretty place: joke on you I'm listing BEFORE being even there. But it's a LR sooo
  6. So I put lots of make up (for me) (for 2pm)
    Like a real date but earlier
  7. I looked better in my bathroom mirror than in my selfies
    Like a real date
  8. I'm stressing over my hair's curls
    Like a real date when my hair isn't all straighten. Although here I'm mostly scare for continuity error: my curls won't be the same in 3 hours.
  9. Last minute clumsiness made me afraid I'd be late (today was putting lipstick on the bathroom floor)
    Like a real date
  10. Wanted to go to the restroom as soon as I left home
    Like a real date
  11. Feeling uncomfortable in the metro being all dressed up and full make up on
    Like a real day in the life of the woman
  12. Heading to a fancy restaurant by the Arc de Triomphe
    Not like a real date; I'm cheap guys
  13. I signed a paper giving authorization to use my image and body or something for anything
    NOT like a real date.. or maybe ?
  14. I'm useless
    Like a real date
  15. I'm gonna go home alone
    Like a real date !
  16. Sabrina kept her hat on
    Like in HER real dates; I'm assuming. I never saw her without a hat.
  17. I've run out of (fake) things to say
    Like a real date !
  18. I faked smile for a while
    Like a real date !
  19. I actually found someone cute but won't do or say anything about it
  20. I got drunk with friends afterwards
    Not like a real date but I should make that an habit. That makes coming home alone much more fun
  21. At the end of the day I'm alone naked in bed thinking of someone else
    Like REAL dates and days
  22. That's all folks
  23. The movie is out !!! It's so great !! The imposed theme was "a meeting in less than 140 seconds" and I'm very proud of what my friend did !! Good news is, you'll get it without speaking french it's quite universal ! So this is "je suis enfin prête" (i am ready) written and directed by @igrec_O : http://www.festivalnikon.fr/video/2016/3048
    And please vote for it by clicking on the red button "soutenez ce film"