I saw a tweet of a news site asking what it was like to be lockdown. I guess they wanted dramatic stories..here's what we really did. Fyi I was visiting an old friend and didn't want to cancel after what happened last we in Paris I needed to see her and spend some quality time with her. And I did spend some time with her. In her small student room.
  1. Arrived late on Friday, we stayed at her place to catch up
  2. Drink Homemade Planteur with Rhum from Martinique
  3. Wake up at 11am by my mum calls (around 4 calls in 1hour)
    "Alert blabla stay in "
  4. So here's all we did :
  5. Eat breakfast at 12.30
  6. Introduced her to master of none
  7. Binge all master of none
    So for the 2nd time in less then a month for me..
  8. Drink more Planteur
    It's even better the next day !
  9. Eat her homemade veggie quiche
    All of it.
  10. Check Twitter to see if we can go out now
  11. Watch inside out
  12. Play heads up
  13. Actual crisis : being out of Planteur
  14. Eat a salad at 2 am
  15. Watch John Mulaney's special til 3
  16. Kris Jenner birthday video
    1985 and 2015 versions because she loves her friend
  17. Wake up at my mum calls
    This time at 11 asking if I can take an earlier train
  18. Watch Aziz Ansari's old specials
    Dangerously delicious it is
  19. Check R Kelly echo video mentioned in that special
    It's real and it's spectacular
  20. Going to the train station, and change my ticket
  21. Finally getting some wifi at the train station
    Oh yeah forgot to mention only her computer could access to Internet
  22. So thank you Internet for our entertainment
    Now when will I get to be PEACEfull during my week-ends ?