Lou Bega's women, ranked.

This is not sexist: ladies and gentlemen, this is mambo n5. (Inspired by @stevecady leonardo song list but maybe Steve would like to be exclude from that narrative) (I added what the line is for the chorus names so that you remember)
  1. Angela, Pamela, Sandra and Rita
    Altogether, not even chorus worthy. One night stand that really last for one night only
  2. Tina (is what I see)
    Guess Tina was in the bad place at the bad moment. Or good ones, depend how you see life.
  3. Jessica (here I am)
    But where I you really ?!
  4. Rita (is all I need)
  5. Sandra (in the sun)
    Summer fling are cute
  6. Erica (by my side)
    The one you present to your whole family but never marry
  7. You (makes me a man!)
    Lou needs female validation in his sexuality to enpower his masculinity
  8. Mary (all night long)
    They met on tinder and bang
  9. Monica (in my life)
    Clearly she's the one that got away but Lou is too shy to tell how he feels