1. So I finally found longform improv classes in Paris
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    Our teacher was 15 years in nyc at ucb, so that was what I was looking for. Because fyi the impro scene in France really isn't the same format, rules etc.. And I don't really like it so it was a big deal to find that class
  2. On the 3rd class I made 3 scenes with a girl
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    We were on fire ! Never talked to each other but totally on the same page on stage
  3. At the end of the class we talked and realized we were both into Parks/Amy/UCB
    I know it sounds pretty basics for you but remember that in France most people don't know who Amy is. Parks has only be broadcasting on the cable since THIS year, and no one knows what ucb is.
  4. We texted all week and realized we liked the same stuff
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  5. She proposed me some American and British comedy show in Paris on Saturday night
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  6. I told her about List App
    Like i told many other people who couldn't care less
  7. And now she's here @igrec_O !
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    I know gif doesn't work here but I'm pretty sure everyone on listapp knows the Leslie dancing one without even watching it
  8. Ladies and gentlemen that may be the Amy to my Tina (or the other way around we still need to figure that)
  9. Plus I'm not the only Parisian anymore
    (Insert baguette emoji here)