Inspired by @shanaz and @tombatten
  1. Independence Day
    Sick. Fever. Puke in the theater. A lot. (And it's one of the prettiest theater in Paris so I'm very proud). FYI my parents preferred to stay til the end of the movie.
  2. Jurassic Park
    Scared af at the first tyrannosaurus: spent the ENTIERE movie my head in my mum's lap, not seeing anything.
  3. The nightmare before Christmas
    "You'll love it; it's from the one who did Edward" they said.. It will be fun they said... Scared af as well. Maybe have cry a bit. Ok a lot. Don't remember when the transition happened to the movie becoming a fave
  4. Aladdin
    Biggest line ever made, in front tons of sex shops. Too young to know exactly what it is, too old not to know it's awkward
  5. Toy story 3
    Was a director of the summer camp ; we took the kids to see it. The counselors cried a lot, the kids couldn't care less. (The teens were in between)