Please make that crossover happen
  1. β€’
    I just realized this 2 are the ultimate best friends !
  2. β€’
    They may seemed superficial at first
  3. β€’
    With their crazy hairstyles
  4. β€’
    Or outfits
    Ok even for a gif joke it's unfair to sum up Doctor L look to that previous gif I'm sorry Mindy
  5. β€’
    They may be obsessed with men
  6. β€’
    Or a bit "intense"...
  7. β€’
    Or a bit "over dramatic"
  8. β€’
    But both are actually much more than what people may think they are !
  9. β€’
    They're are smart and hard working
  10. β€’
    Know what they deserved
  11. β€’
    And what they worth
  12. β€’
    They're awkward
  13. β€’
    They don't take your bullshit
  14. β€’
    And let men insult them
  15. β€’
    They speak out...
  16. β€’
    And aren't afraid to show confidence
  17. β€’
    They don't hide their feelings
  18. β€’
    They have higher power
  19. β€’
    Or even super powers
  20. β€’
    They know when people are dumb
  21. β€’
    And aren't afraid to call them out
  22. β€’
    They're strong
  23. β€’
    They have great music taste
  24. β€’
    They're fun at house parties
  25. β€’
    They can be wild
    Ok maybe Mindy more than Shosh but when you think about Shosh also deal pretty well with the crackccident ?!
  26. β€’
    They know what's cool
  27. β€’
    They know they're cool
  28. β€’
    They give compliments
  29. β€’
    They have ambitions
    Seriously Mindy opened her clinic and Shosh moved to Japan !!!
  30. β€’
    They really cut the crap when men are being cowards or dumbs
  31. β€’
    They're are texting queens
  32. β€’
    And emojis goddesses
  33. β€’
  34. β€’
    Seriously their texts convos would be πŸ’―
  35. β€’
    They have a thing for older grumpy men
  36. β€’
    Like not very positive ones
  37. β€’
    But they confront them
  38. β€’
    They aren't afraid to tell them their feelings ...
  39. β€’
    And speak their mind
    Well we'll see where and how it does for Mindy in April
  40. β€’
    They have references...
  41. β€’
    The best pop culture references actually
  42. β€’
    They're supportive of their friends...
  43. β€’
    And acknowledge their helpful presence...
  44. β€’
    And give back some compliments
  45. β€’
    They Love Halloween...
  46. β€’
    And are good at it
  47. β€’
    They are bffs. Case close