Inspired by @amieshmamie (QUESTIONS FOR LISTERS WHO ARE FROM A COUNTRY OTHER THAN THE U.S.) but my list stayed in drafts for too long and now the wave is forgotten but I guess better late than never
  1. What are we doing here ?
  2. Why did you join ?
  3. Why did you stay ?
  4. How do you feel about prime time™ ? How bored are you when it's time for them US to sleep?
  5. If you don't come from an English speaking country, do you miss writing in your native language ?
  6. Do you feel that America is too America centric ?
  7. Do you feel that is too LA centric ?
  8. Did you ever have someone making a comment on you having an opinion on America, Americans and their politics ?!
    And not because you made a wrong statement or didn't know something about it. Just for having an opinion or making joke about it.
  9. Are we just tourists on ?