More Questions for Fellow Listers who aren't from the U.S

Inspired by @amieshmamie (QUESTIONS FOR LISTERS WHO ARE FROM A COUNTRY OTHER THAN THE U.S.) but my list stayed in drafts for too long and now the wave is forgotten but I guess better late than never
  1. 1.
    What are we doing here ?
  2. 2.
    Why did you join ?
  3. 3.
    Why did you stay ?
  4. 4.
    How do you feel about prime time™ ? How bored are you when it's time for them US to sleep?
  5. 5.
    If you don't come from an English speaking country, do you miss writing in your native language ?
  6. 6.
    Do you feel that America is too America centric ?
  7. 7.
    Do you feel that is too LA centric ?
  8. 8.
    Did you ever have someone making a comment on you having an opinion on America, Americans and their politics ?!
    And not because you made a wrong statement or didn't know something about it. Just for having an opinion or making joke about it.
  9. 9.
    Are we just tourists on ?