Inspired by @DawnCloud / only movies watched for the first time ever in chronological order
  1. Cover Girl
    Actually a first despite my last love for Gene Kelly. This was as perfect as I expected it to be. Gene is a feminist.
  2. The birth of a nation
    Wow. I hadn't heard of the movie before seeing it and it was incredible. I guess I should say spoiler alert so don't read if you don't want to. But I feel this movie so empowering and there was a QA at the end and I guess now everyone would rather see a movie about a slave dying than another one about a white man saving the world. It was so a very very good movie and I wish more people saw it. (Also I learned later about Nate Parker rape case and I'm tired of artist being terrible people)
  3. Dalida
    A biopic about one of our biggest star. I love Dalida a lot already and I knew about most of the tragedies that surrounded her life. She's a true icon here: sang all the kind of songs and styles. The Italian actress playing her is amazing.
  4. Il a déjà tes yeux
    A comedy about a (black) couple adopting a white baby. The social worker is the mandatory racist that hides that being her "just cause it's never been done" politics. The film is very funny and does the job although I think they could have go farther but I guess they wanted to make a familial movie. I loved & knew the main actors so for me the revelation is the grand mother, show stealer and also the best friend who's played by an actor who usually plays hot men but here well let's not he's not.
  5. Lala land
    What hasn't been say already ? It came out so late here I had weeks (months?) of fomo !! And finally. Did. Not. Disappoint. I spotted my own self at the cinema giggling at some point and knew I was sold. And of course I downloaded the soundtrack as soon as I was out of the theater and tap my way back home (not really)
  6. Heathers
    How come this classic never crossed borders? NEVER heard of it until @jeremysomething mentioned it so I guess our friendship is worth it after all. he did bring this amazing piece of art in my life. Well obviously it's a classic so you already know & get why. Another movie seen with very few Infos on it, which is the best way to discover it, i think every 20 minutes I texted "OMG" to Jeremy. Now I told all my french friends to watch it.(Hélas its not on Netflix 🇫🇷 so far not so good influence)
  7. Mon roi
    SO IT took me 2 hours to recover, or more likely to still be able to speak after, its been 24h not sure I recovered. I snaped, listed, tweeted about it. What else should I do ? Just watch it ok ? EVERY women (and most men) should see Mon Roi (My King)
  8. Moonlight
    Just went ! So it was amazing of course but I was also left with a feeling of not enough, the 2 first parts were very very good but I was kind of disappointed but the finale. The subject and story is incredible tho but maybe the costume is too big. But I feel it's the kind of movie that you have to let sink in and over analyze
  9. Don't think twice
    Been on my to watch since it came out.. damn for a movie about improvisers & comedians its depressing. I guess it's the reality of it. I would have love a bit more humor in it, but the description of actual bitterness about friends success is real, & no need to be an improv nerd to get it.Although being an improv nerd here is cool especially when there's Tami Sagher involved. Gillian Jacob is of course amazing and i liked that they made Keegan- Michael Key not unlikable but not likeable neither.
  10. Hidden figures
    It FINALLY came out in France yesterday ! Favorite movie of the year already and so far. This movie is perfect just as the characters,the stories the actresses playing them and supporting actors. It manages to be very funny and very emotional. It was just great and made us so happy for so many reasons. I just got home so maybe I'll write more intelligently later (Nop) but DAMN WHAT A GOOD MOVIE