Obvious attempt of @nathanveshecco to ask if guitarist are sexy. Obvious answer : yes.
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    Folk, electric : it's all good. Yes that's totally a cliché but it's the realest one. Do you think Kate Moss would have dated Pete Doherty if he played any other instruments? I'm totally falling for guitarists, even when I can see that they're using their guitar knowing they're charming all the girls in the room or venue. I remember with a friend who laughed with me about his "always working" song and started playing it (Kiss Me - SNTR), i knew it was a trap but I was like 😍
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    Famously number 2, that works even better for girls into hands. I mean. They know what they're doing obviously.
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    It's not hotty hot but there's a "real strong man" vibe behind it and I often fall for their charisma at concerts. Note that I never meet a real one at a party or something but I guess it would be weird if they start playing so I'd say it's 3 but on stage only
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    It's the more unstable one. They can be 2 like they can be 10. It's really hard to tell sometimes and not just because you literally can't see them but from my experience they can be very rhythm nazi and just talk and talk about (technical) music or they'd be totally don't care guy that just don't care about anything but maybe I'm talking from too-personal-experience-and-yes-I'm-fine-thank-you-very-much (ok that drummer from McFly could be higher tho)
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    I know that one may cause disagreement and be a bit polemical but we're not judging hardest instrument but sexiness and I'm sorry but pianists aren't sexy, despite their use of hands, they're usually waaay to much into their piano, also showing their back, and also a bit weird and just really not sexy and that it, that my ranking I can say what I want ! Seriously every time there's a piano somewhere and someone starts playing it annoys me (while I'm ok with guitarist bragging) because : SEXINESS