Requested by @estherlimtf who's visiting my lovely city. And hopefully helpful for everyone
  1. The touristic stuff aren't overrated
    We've all had our deceptions while traveling. Like "oh. That's it ?" For me it was the inside of the Statue of Liberty. But I must say I feel like our classics deserve their celebrity
  2. The Louvre is the best but don't go there for Mona Lisa
  3. Because maybe if you're Beyoncé you'll get this :
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  4. But if you're reading me, chances are you're not Beyoncé (hello Beyoncé, if you read me I love you). So anyway chances are, that's what you'll get :
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  5. The outside of the Louvre and its garden are as stunning as its collections
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    Here's an ideal walk : from Les Jardins de louvre, to les Tuileries to the most beautiful place on earth : La Concorde
  6. From la Concorse walk in direction of Champs Elysees. But to go to Le Grand Palais (check out the current exhibition it always change) and the Pont Alexandre III (stunning bridge)
  7. Needless to say those classics are stunning by day but even more by night
  8. Speaking of by night : the Eiffel Tower, place du trocadero at night where it shines
    Unless it's your long time dream don't climb on it without a previous reservations or be ready for a long queue!
  9. Now let's get real what else to do
  10. Pigalle area
    First go see the Sacre Coeur the monument and its view are stunning, for Amelie's movie fans you're in the right district. For rock and indie and bars fans, so are you. Cool places to go : cocktails at the lipsticks or dirty dick (real name, excuse our French) they're facing each other btw, the cheapest one is the mansart, also there's le sans soucis, the depanneur more chic in front of le mansart, to go party all night my personal favorite is le bus paladium (there's also le Carmen)
  11. Pastries, pastries everywhere
    To be honest most of our Boulangerie Patisserie are good but check out du pain et des idees, la patisserie de Cyril lignac, or specialist of one kind of pastries shops like Eclairs de Genie or Odette (there's actually others than Odette but cool part of Odette : it's by the seine river so you can eat it while facing notre dame de Paris + go see the Shakespeare's library near by (even @bjnovak goes here)
  12. Favorite restaurants
    Right now I'm into Pollop (menu entree meal dessert 33€) a very tasteful chic yet approachable restaurant center Paris. You can't also go wrong with restaurant in montergueil street (also lots of bars). Also a cool app offers discount on many restaurant check it out its called "la fourchette". Also a classic called L'entrecote (be careful they're fake ones) just one meAl menu, a secret sauce recipes and good fries (real ones rue marboeuf (by the champs Elysees) or rue Saint Benoit(Saint germain)
  13. Classical pastries and tea saloons
    If you want to TREAT YO SELF with a fancier Patisseries check out laduree or Angelina or Carette. Carette can be find Place des Vosges one of my favorite place on earth in the heart of Le Marais the Jewish/Gay district you MUST NOT miss (see below)
  14. Saint Paul le Marais
    As I was saying my favorite part of Paris very old yet very trendy. Old Jewish district and gay one. TONS of shops, food, and just getting lost in it is a must
  15. Saint germain
    The classic posh French spot like in the movies !
  16. FYI we are really into burgers
    But our cheese are better ! If you felt like a burger go to big fernand, burger and fries or... Extra super secret location : burger in the marché des enfants rouges
  17. Wine and cheese : we're into that more than I could say
    To be honest you'll find good wine and cheese in almost every bar and restaurant and coffe. I do have my personal favorite called L'Ivress (nearby rue montergueil)
  18. Basically just get lost in Paris
    Especially in the center of it, you can't go wrong
  19. If you're going to Chateau de Versailles
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    To do if you're staying more than 2 days as it will take a day. But yes it's magnificent. BUT. Try not to miss Marie Antoinette part : garden and small residency (petit Trianon) hidden in the park ! Most peaceful and beautiful place.