If you can't go to the Brooklyn @list meet up it was pretty much the place to be on May 17th !
  1. So a bit of introduction :
    My grandma didn't want to do anything for her birthday because of family issues. But my (smart) mum said fuck it it's her 80s. We will do it. And I won't lie, there was a part of me, that was afraid she'll just say "Go away" to everyone when getting in our living room ! (Aschenazy jewish grandmas have no chill). Spoiler alert, she didn't
  3. Did I just made a giant dick out of glasses ?
    Yes. Yes I did.
  4. The 12 eggs we bought yesterday are already expired !!! It was til May 12!!! 😱😱😱😱
    I know Li.st isn't for grocery but I do need eggs !
  5. My mum went for a black and red theme
  6. There are flying balls !
  7. And too many potatoes to peel
    2,5kgs for those who know what kilos are
  9. 3pm grandma calls : I'M SO SCARE I ALMOST DIDNT ANSWER !
    Ok she just needed me to pick somethings up for her. Also add that "so we are having diner at your place? Mum just told me!" YESHAHAOKBYE
  10. 3:15 pm finally getting the new eggs
  11. 4:47 pm : so many strawberries to cut
  12. 5:20 pm maybe I should get ready ?
    Like take a shower and all
  15. I was also concerned of nobody being here when she arrives, as she usually come to diner very early
  16. But no half people where here when she arrived !
    And I played Celebration, a request my mom made me everyday for the past week, not getting my "yes I have it on iTunes" I guess.
  17. And... Grandma was SO shocked
  18. She blocked and didn't move for a few seconds like really surprised, real bugs
    Honestly now I know every other surprise birthday parties I went to : people celebrating their birthday knew. Now I know what a real surprised face look like !
  19. She was so happy to see everybody !!
    Yay she didn't tell us to go home !
  20. Later she told me she wished she wore fancier clothes
    So not a lot of pictures taken ! (I did try to trick her to go to the hair dresser today btw, but i failed and couldn't insist much)
  21. But what you really wanna know.. HOW WAS THAT POTATOES AND EGGS SALAD ?
    Meh way too long to do for a meh result. But thanks to my grandma 3 bffs I know now that I should use red potatoes instead cause they don't absorb the sauce as much ! And now you know it too !! Thanks Annie, Jocelyne and Jacqueline !
  22. Oh and the TREE cakes are already gone, I was so waiting for my breakfast leftovers
  23. IV OPEN UP
  24. Now a bit more serious, I have so many drafts about my grandma ! She's the best in so many way. She isn't a very grandma like grandma (in sense of cooking and stuff) but it's much better.
    I can't even tell you what she means to me, how much I love her, what an incredible woman she is. This is an happy list and it was a happy night so let's forget for a few more hours the problems. She's going back to the hospital tomorrow, but tonight, for a few minutes, we were happy.
  25. So Bon anniversaire Mamy
    (Those candles were supposed to glow in the dark. Didn't work much)