1. Porn
    Throwback to that time I spanked The Office (i didn't do it in the side where @bjnovak face is, I dont want things to be awkward) LIST APP PORN 🔥🔞🏀
  2. Rap
    I have written an EU anthem rap LIST YOURSELF 🇪🇺 AN ANTHEM FOR MY EU LISTERS and you can hear me sing it in one of @magic vocal list (I'm not that crazy to give you the direct link to it; fun fact it will sound like a French white girl rapping)
  3. Teasing
    Telling it like it iiiiis ! My favorite topics being list and listers of course
  4. French as fuck
  5. The one you wouldn't have bet on in a "most likely to meet listers" contest, that ends up being the one that meet the most listers
  6. Member* of the List App International Alliance (and FTC of course)
    *status to be defined