1. October
    Joined. Hooked right away. Still kinda proud of my first days lists.
  2. November
    A turn on my feelings about list app was due to November 13 attacked; being stuck at home I ended live listing the tragedy unknowing what was really about to happen. It was surreal yet cathartic somehow. Also the messages I got afterwards were very nice and warm; I guess it's then that I realized I could write other things than funny lists here
  3. December
    Secret Santa : start to feel the community idea
  4. January
    Well I'm sure it was a good month but can't think of a particular thing... [EDIT !!! Li.st official archivist @jaidub reminded me that this was my most important list request ever sent; which provide the most important list ever; more Infos on the comments section (I know how to tease) !!!]
  5. February
    Galentines day / Valentine's Day lists : list apper are the cutest people of the internet !! (Thanks again @witchdoctorc !)
  6. March :
    Starting to talk to some listers outside the app
  7. April :
    Actually met @DawnCloud in London !! (and later @solena in Paris too !) list is real life !!! (Also Emma met my real life friend so it's like worlds collapsing !)
  8. May :
    My birthdayyyyy thanks @jessicaz and everyone I mean I loved having that wave of attention you know 😉 !! And well since it's not just about me : list app is now Li.st and there are BILLIONS (at least) of new users and I wish you all to live the same experience as I did/do
  9. I realized that may sounds like a im about to ghost list; it's really not !
    I just can't wait for a one year anniversary list to do a timeline !
  10. What next ?
    An official meet up /open mic ? (I OBVIOUSLY wanna read something haha should I already start choosing ?) (no it's ridiculous) (but in another hand..)