(Indie) Remake of my life isn't a comedy romantic MY LIFE ISN'T A ROMANTIC COMEDY
  1. I lost too many loved ones
    But none left me letters saying they love me to help me grieve
  2. I have been running under the rain
    But no one was running after me to say they were sorry. Nor murder me.
  3. I helped someone who is sick
    But it doesn't get better
  4. I was insecure in high school
    But it doesn't get better
  5. I wrote several journals
    But stopped after few pages every time
  6. I was disappointed in love
    But don't even have a great story to tell
  7. I had a depression
    But it wasn't a romantic one like Godard said it will be
  8. I planned a big life changing trip
    But had to cancel
  9. I tried to use a computer to solve a "crime"
    But I was just Facebook stalking
  10. I've seen antisemitic attacks
    But I've been told that they're weren't REALLY antisemitic or that I was paranoiac or that I was a lucky one
  11. I gave a powerful and inspiring speech
    But it was to a group of 8 to 10 yo kids at camp
  12. I've seen graphic "not pretty" naked body
    But not at Sundance or HBO just in my bathroom
  13. I have great flashbacks of happy memories
    I have great FLASHBACKS of happy memories
  14. I have a voice over in my head
    But it usually is a list