Inspired by @shanaz that told me I should and could do it. it's weird how I can't tell what I did without feeling like this is bragging (I'm not good at selling myself in cover letter, maybe cover list will do. It's not bragging if it's true right ?)
  1. As you know now I'm a French (Whaaaaaaat ?) ; 28 yo ; willing to relocate for a cool opportunity
  2. I graduated from one of France top university (Paris-Dauphine) in "management of the medias, telecoms and Internet" in 2013
    Before that I had a bachelor in communication from ECS Paris and a master 1 in marketing from ECS Bruxelles
  3. Since then I'm a digital strategy consultant for an agency and my most important placements were for two major media companies
    But also did few things for assurance companies, an architect and a property management companies
  4. For 1,5 year I worked for an important broadcast In France ( M6 )
    Here I am stealing the Top Chef trophy
  5. They launched digital channels for their vod and catch up tv platforms and I was in charge of their content and social medias
  6. There was the cooking channel, where I helped make this cooking show with a famous French chef
    I know when it's French you don't care but Google Norbert Tarayre
  7. Was in charge of the editorial content of fashion show with famous French stylist that was giving advice to our fans
    I know when it's French you don't care but Google Cristina cordula
  8. There was also a comedy channel, a TV movie one and a decoration ones..
    I know when it's French you don't care but Google Sophie ferjani
  9. I managed the communities for all of them, with their different targets : with +140000 people liking the FB pages (with mostly natural reached!)
  10. Things were great ! I even did interview of famous French actors that was the most viewed video of the comedy channel ! WHERE IS MY BLUE MARKED VERIFIED PROFILE ?!
    I know when it's French you don't give a shit but Google Kev Adams.
  11. My most recent positions was for France Television for a very different type of work : develop partnerships to increase videos views
    I developed relationship with many other medias and video views raised by +30% during my 4 months there
  12. Back at my university, I was the community manager of our master blog, wrote media chronicles on it and did cool interviews : here at dorcel which was so interesting !!
  13. Wrote for cool blogs but mostly in French
    But I wrote enough lists for you to know I love and know how to write and hopefully by now you find me funny
  14. I do improv
    Went to UCB NY last summer to do the 101 intensive (need to find someone with a free couch there to do the 201 btw 👼) and now I found an ex UCB member teacher in Paris and continue there
  15. I love strategy thinking, problem solving and team brainstorming
    I'm also very autonomous, understand what people and company need, I always get well with people i interact with
  16. I'm nice funny and love saying "we" when talking about the company I work at.
  17. I can do lots of things, I'm interested in lots of things (it was interesting getting to know more about fashion, cooking or decoration for the channels as well!), I'm very French, European as well as very aware of American culture(s).
    Also by now hopefully after months on you know my English is good by FYI I scored 100 on my Toefl IBTS
  18. So all in all I'm good with communication, partnerships, social medias and content.
    I can work anywhere in EU (still can in London for a few months hashtag fuck you brexit) and would need a visa to go to the US or Canada but if you need someone to develop your business in Europe or a French speaker I'm pretty sure I'm your woman and I'm worth it
  19. And also I can bake profiteroles.
    And a list can prove it.
  20. If you heard of something please think of me !
    I can give you a link to my linkedin page or send you my resume by mail.
  21. Ok this list has no chill. Imagine if I went further and like tagged people I wish I could work with ? Like hello @hellogiggles @BuzzFeed
  22. Side note, Snapchat is opening offices in France, I sent a spontaneous resume there but if you know someone working here, let me know !
  23. Ok now I'll publish that and hide.