Inspired by that rules of list wave except I change one tiny letter and made it about myself cause I'm an egomaniac
  1. Buy tons of creams and beauty products for "tired skin and eyes" but don't go to bed sooner
  2. Guilt trips don't work on me
    Oh I'll feel bad but I won't do whatever you want me to do or say. And actually I won't feel that bad. I'll just be annoyed. I'm Jewish. My parents and grandparents used it too much on me as a kid and now I'm immunized
  3. If you show no interest in me I won't show interest in you
    Sometimes mayyybe I will think of you or obsess over you but then I'll move on. Won't run after you anyway
  4. If someone's proud they made me cried laughing I won't tell them that this is just my regular laugh
  5. If someone apologized to me and I accepted it, I meant it and moved on
  6. Chances are I AM joking, if I'm not you'll know it. Hopefully.
  7. overthink tiny details but not care of big pictures stuff
  8. Make everything fall around me when trying to be quiet
  9. Spend all the money you saved annually to do improv in foreign countries
  10. Always end up with food on my top (also know as FOODBOOB™)
  11. Don't finish most books
  12. Be hypochondriac but the kind that never go to the doctor whatsoever
  13. Be a good person or at least try to. If you make a mistake, apologize
  14. Do be shy to ask for some more explanations on a topic or a word you don't know : LEARNING IS GOOD AT ANY AGE AND ASKING MAKES YOU SMARTER
  15. Be friends with people different than you and different from each other's