My Tweets that could be my epitaph

Inspired by @k8mcgarry but with a much more dramatic turn of phrase
  1. The Pinned one
    People think I'm joking. I'm not. Burry me like the muggle that I am
  2. Also I am not just a muggle. I'm a hungovered one.
    Doliprane = Tylenol
  3. Burry me with this princess story
  4. The one that went kinda viral in France and it makes so happy that it's about Hook
    Even more like than my list about it I think ! That's a first. BANG A RANG PETER ! Pictures of the Lost Boys together now for HOOK 25th anniversary Also I hope they don't charge too much to add pictures on a grave
  5. If I die right after that... It would mean that you-know-who is back so burry me and tell my story to save others
  6. Burry me and my love/hate relationship with INTERNET and PEOPLE and PEOPLE ON THE INTERNET
  7. Not counting the vegetarians obviously they have a good excuse. But if YOU ARE A MEAT EATER AND DONT LIKE CHICKEN DONT COME BURRY ME
  8. Burry me waxed and confused
  9. The one that inspired this list
  10. The one that inspired THIS list. This is it. It really is.