Only a Norwegian or Danish could have noticed the cd I'm holding
  1. First @p : good eyes ! It's pretty subtle !
  2. But it's here : The Barbie Gir single
  3. So why ? Right ?
  4. Simple reason could be I'm a 90s fan. And it's 10000% true but there's more behind that pict
  5. My friend is a photograph and for her last year of studying she did a collection of portraits of sibling, so she asked if my brother and I would participate !
    Of course we would !
  6. She knows me well and told me a 90s theme would suit us
  7. It was a month before my 25th bday where I planned to do an actual 90s themed party so I asked if I could also have a pict by myself to put on the FB event
  8. Here's the rest of the picture that has been cropped :
  9. Yes all those singles where still at my place.
    The Spice Girls, Britney and Christina, aka the holy trinity.
  10. Btw this is a cd worth checking out
    I've mentioned Mc Solaar in other lists like this one 🎵🇫🇷 FAVORITE FRENCH SINGERS AKA MY ULTIMATE MIXTAPE FRANÇAISE and this album Paradisiaque is the one I've listened the most
  11. And that's a back to the future tshirt.
  12. So now you know. I'm not JUST obsessed by Aqua
  13. Also know that I wore a Beverly Hills dress found on etsy at my actual bday party and it was wonderful