1. @mayla (Germany) and @imc (USA) are in Paris
    United States of li.st much ?
  2. I take @ListMeetUps seriously you Know...
  3. So I took them to get some (melted) CHEESE at a typical Savoyard restaurant
  4. We shared a raclette and a fondue
    Because why not ?
  5. So what is raclette ?!
    @LeahG didnt know and @DawnCloud requested me to explain that to her long time ago so now is a good occasion
  6. Raclette is the name of the cheese that you melt
    At restaurant with this awesome old school machine but ..
  7. ( Usually at home it's more like that )
    Or even in the microwave
  8. Then you put that delicious freshly melt cheese on some potatoes and ham*
    *or viande des grisons (dry beef) if you don't eat pork like me but still not jew enough to not mix milk and meat.
  9. We also had a DELICIOUS fondue
    (4 cheeses plus white wine melting together in perfect harmony) and fresh bread with it
  10. The girls were happy
    I think.
  11. And now.. an actual cheesy photo
  12. Mayla had to go to work so Isabel and I continued our day
  13. Walking shopping and drinking
    Isabel tried Hibiscus drink, because she's fearless haha (so good)
  14. Then we went to Shakespeare and company that really is the best book shop ever.
  15. And then...
  16. It was "gouter" time you know already around 5...
    @solena would have been proud : salty butter caramel for Isabel and chestnut for me
  18. So really, I don't know if you're giving meet up award, but we won best food.
    Now I'll nap on my couch for awhile.
  19. Also obviously the girls are awesome, smart, nice, funny and I didn't make feel like an old lady !
  20. See you soon !
    I've been told kidnapping @gwcoffey kid is forbidden by law but I might still try to do so