Inspired by @franksars classics except I'd rather choose a pop culture reference most listers won't get. Because this may be the best show of the 90s and it will help you be a real life Parker Lewis and never ever loose again
  1. When you realize you've been misunderstanding song lyrics this whole time
  2. When it's Monday morning
  3. When Kanye keeps tweeting
  4. When you don't know how to say to a friend that their outfit choices might be bad
  5. When you enter a group text convo with 20 persons about someone's birthday gift and no one agrees so you have to make the call
  6. When it's time to have lunch
  7. When you're really really mad and unhappy and want your friend to tell you the gossip he knows
  8. When you want to isolate someone in another room
    (Couldn't find a gif of Musso's thumb thing, I'll reward with my lifetime respect the one who find it)
  9. Sending a sos
  10. When you've been expecting someone
  11. When you're about to ask your crush on a date
  12. When you just wanna hurt someone
  13. When you know a friend needs you RN
  14. When your friend and you creep on other people Twitter feud
  15. When you see that your favorite tv show may not resigned for a new season
  16. When it's been confirmed that the show is cancelled
  17. When you text your friends sitting next to you at a lame party to tell them it's time to discreetly leave
  18. When you wanna make a big announcement
  19. When Trump is speaking
  20. When you set a time and date for a diner with friends and you need to SYNCHRONIZE WATCHES