Or they with me
  1. Leo Dicaprio
    Actually it's more for HIM that I'm doing that. After spending time in my body, he'll be over Victoria Secret Models, having gained so much respect for chubby, hairy, curly brunettes. [Also we'll obviously end up making out together which will be the most surreal experience ever #fuckyoself ]
  2. Ellen
    I just want to see how it feels to offer million of dollars to people
  3. Amy Schumer or Poehler
    I get to say pretty much everything I want out loud, while they'll make sure to say every things I think off but don't dare to say out loud, and fixed everything that might be wrong in my life
  4. Oprah
    Same reason as Ellen's + getting to say YOU GET A GIFT YOU GET A GIFT !
  5. Obama
    Mostly Barack. But... Actually any of the 4 Obama would do.