When, like me, you don't have any talents (unless profiteroles baking and having big boobs are considered talents) you notice other people talents. And here, that's literally a list of talents ! I'll obviously forget people so add them (+ links of list and/or website)
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    Updating that list ! Help me Add more people or tell me if you want me to change your description/illustration/link
    Seriously this list was written when it was still named the list app so imagine how many talented people joined since
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    Illustrators :
    (Let me know if you want another illustration or other link)
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    How adorable seriously ?! Susie is even live list her paintings ⚑️ LIVE LISTING ⚑️ PAINTING 🎨 and have a kick ass etsy shop
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    Tyler is a pop culture art rock star as seen in many many trending lists IN HONOR OF πŸ’˜ DAY, HERE ARE SOME OLD DRAWINGS OF MINE THAT ARE KIND OF LOVE-RELATED and in this Etsy Shop I'll spend a lot of money in once I'll find a new place
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    Queen of Kawai ! Look at this list with free art THINGS I MADE THAT YOU CAN DOWNLOAD FOR FREE ! There's more in
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    Not only Britt does Marvin Gaye Valentine card for her Valentine she got us covered with actual awesome Valentine cards Need a Valentine? @erikaaa and I Have You Covered. πŸ’πŸ· (text by @erikaaa ) and look at her other artistic side on her website :
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    Jason's mostly draw couple things that melt my heart ! Also shout out to this how to list : How I Draw My Illustrations and his website : (also FYI see the picture here ? He made a cushion out of it!!)
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    Ok Shanaz isn't a professional like the people above but this list is about talented people and just look at that : (I know there's a more recent list with your paintings but didn't see it while stalking let me know if you want me to change or add it)
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    @brittmaag is a FANTASTIC ILLUSTRATOR esp for pets! She live lists her work (Drawings of Dogs 🐢🐾 (and Maybe Some Cats) ✏️) and does great and silly doodles too (Drawings of Current Presidential Candidates as Mermaids or Undersea Denizens ✏️) !!! Also !!!!
    Suggested by Β  @danashiroma
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    I make illustrations out of typography
    Suggested by Β  @ijeoma
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    Oh hai
    I haven't listed about my artwork yet...
    Suggested by Β  @moonjockey
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    I list about what I'm drawing and working on
    One of my current projects: DEMOCRATIC CAUCUS ILLUSTRATED
    Suggested by Β  @eijafayaya
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    Honestly how annoying is she ? She writes perfectly is nice funny and pretty + so freaking talented !! β€ͺ‬
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    Musicians :
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    When I saw that Harry played the guitar and was from England I thought "well guess it's some British pop" but no it's not ! It's awesome folk bit country even and his voice will leave you speechless. Yes, I'm a groupie.
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    Haha the original draft said "I know he'll be back in this app soon so I just can't leave him out of this" ! I was right πŸ˜‰ His new album should be out anytime soon and we all can't wait !
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    Remember when we all post soundtrack album lists ? Well Sam half jokingly made an actual song out of it, at 3 am, leaving me speechless: this demo is better than actual albums. I CAN'T BELIEVE I'M UP RIGHT NOW WRITING A DREAM POP SONG then I discover she actually does songs and have a soundcloud page: (also in new lists Sam revealed her painting talents ?!! ENOUGH GIRL!)
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    It's very hard to include links here so let me know if there's other places we can read your material, as you usually share your work on Twitter I shared the articles linked in your pinned tweet !
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    1. Publicly apologizing for not getting back to you about you know what 2. Lev wrote nice articles like this one in the Washington Post
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    Claire reads a lot but is a writer AVANT TOUT ! Here's one of her last essay published
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    You Know someone's a good person when their pinned tweet is their article about Trump on the guardian
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    Her latest essay but this will be updated next week when a new one will be published in Marie Claire !
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    Also if you've never checked his books I recommend you to look at @bjnovak work, he might go far one day
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    The Chefs :
    Please let me taste your WORK whenever I'm near you
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    Fun fact : Irvin is one of the 1st people I follow and fun fact 2 this list made me kinda like Valentine's Day ❀️ 😘 25+ Last Minute Easy Valentine's Day Desserts πŸ‘¨β€β€οΈβ€πŸ’‹β€πŸ‘¨ 😍 ! More recipe !
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    @THEToughCookie is a baked goods artist. She can make anything into a cookie including @nytimes logo!
    Suggested by Β  @mallofamanda
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    Other unlabeled talents :
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    @LeahG does crazy things with her body
    It's Yoga you perv
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    @xiaotongsaid makes really amazing ceramics!
    I stole this pic from her, but Boston people go forth and find her pop-ups and buy the ceramics, but save me the pizza-rat mug. Thx
    Suggested by Β  @eijafayaya
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    She specializes in turning food into art and drawing hypnotizing sketches in notebooks during class
    Suggested by Β  @afterlife
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    I can design stuff? Not as fun as a lot of this
    Right now I design experiences for We r a platform for daily online learning! We just rolled out a new mobile web experience that I've basically been working on since I started in August. I'm very proud of it so you guys should check it out. Also visit for more okay that's my plug
    Suggested by Β  @sarahgorman
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    Also a designer! Check me out:
    Suggested by Β  @sky
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    I'm a writer! I do mostly ~reporting~ but I'm trying to expand what I do through freelance projects. Check one out here:
    Suggested by Β  @aliciamcelhaney