People paid to be your friend/friendly, ranked by how much I'm ok at interacting with them

Inspired by lurking at comments between @roaringsoftly and @Boogie
  1. 6.
    French employees
    They're not here for you nor you for them; move on.
  2. 5.
    American cashiers
    I'm so unprepared to talk when at a cashier stand because... well see above. I'm french and we don't do that, so I'm always taken by surprise and don't get what they're saying. Also I learned that they don't *REALLY* wanna know how I'm doing :(
  3. 4.
    American clothes/retail vendors
    I believe them more when they ask how I'm doing ! Plus they're really trying to help and find something that will fit ! Yay sense of services !
  4. 3.
    Beauty person doing my hair or waxing my hair
    Let's make thing less awkward by talking (don't be FOOL, both can be awkward: a blow out and a waxing)
  5. 2.
    He *REALLY* wants to know how you are, but prefers it ranked chronologically and with gifs.
  6. 1.
    Chat bots
    Hello I'm ____ can I help you ?