1. my childhood friend Julie's mum
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    I invited my friend Julie Sznek at my grandparents house in the countryside. To thanks me Mrs Sznek offered me a little not very famous book.. Call Harry Potter.
  2. Mrs Genevieve Collange
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    My teacher from when I was 9/10 (not sure of the grades equivalence so I prefer speaking through age when talking of school) : she made us do an awesome comics project and made us watched classic movies on saturday mornings when there was school.
  3. A camp counselor when I was 8/10 that made us do theater
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    Did try to contact her on FB. She didn't remember but I thanked her anyway.
  4. Guy from Cannes
    (It's Guy his 1st name ! Not just talking about A guy) He teached me how to swim. No big deal. Like he did with my brother and cousins and all the children. Funny story I went back at Cannes in June for a wedding and saw that he was still there ! Same spot between two private beaches !