1. 25% will tweet that they're not watching
  2. 50% will wait for a cast member to go commando
    And just break and yell how they feel about this guest
  3. 29% can't wait for a cast member to write about that in his/her memoir
    I guess it will be Kate McKinnon or Aidy Bryant in about 6 years
  4. 75% hope for the weekend update to do something about it
    They can't ignore the headlines plus HE doesn't have to on it so go for it guys
  5. 15% feel bad for the cast members
    the most wanted job ever except for this week
  6. 80% will say that it wouldn't have happen "at their time"
    Funny how people refers to "the best era" of SNL but it's never the same depending who's speaking.
  7. 100% will watch next week to see Taram as Trump talking about last week.