Yes Jess is my Jewish mum of list cause, as I said it before: you don't need to be Jewish nor a mum to be a Jewish mum. Or proud big sister ? Both ? I don't know. Ok that's not the point of that list ! Let's talk Second city people !!
  1. First pic taken : my name was written on a door under Tina Fey's portrait and that's the most glorious my life will ever be
  2. Also : how pretty is the building ?!!
  3. It's hard to describe an improv classe BUT I WILL TRY
  4. I took classes at UCB NEW YORK a year ago. I loved everything about it, but level 2 was minimum 15 days so not doable in term of Airbnb (and I don't have friends with extra couch there). So of course I compared second city and ucb a lot, which isn't the best move but the most instinctive one to do
  5. The main difference is the format therefor this class was more exercises and games and it took me 2 days to really embrace it, I was a bit "when does it really start" at first
  6. Longform and Harold are still my favorite formats, but those short games are also very fun and liberating in term of story making
  7. HIGHLIGHT: in a scene where we were fairies I ask the man who just came in saying he was a better fairy than us if he was "fairysplaining" things to us and I'm still very proud of that joke,
  8. HIGHLIGHT : the very last 2 games we played were the best so wish we did that more
    For improv kids : I'm talking of a montage
  9. FEARS CONQUERED : 1. One liner puns game: they don't come that fast in English so I was proud to find the ones I found
  10. 2. SURPRISE INTRO TO MUSICAL IMPROV ! I freaked out when that guy came in with his piano for an 1h30 of musical improv but at the end it wasn't THAT bad (I didn't sing but I wouldn't have mind singing)
    Guys it's huge for me, i can't clap in rhythm in concerts. I only sing drunk at karaokes (let's go karaoke !!) ;
  11. Now some wisdoms :
  12. Static
  13. Static
  14. Static
    (Ok it's cut and I'm too lazy to take another one. its says: learn the rules like a pro so you can break them like an artist)
  15. And now more picture for Jess because they speak more than words, especially about improv
  16. Static
  17. Static
  18. Crazy story : there was a fire in the building just a year ago, I remember actually learning about it on Twitter but I thought it was just a little scare, soon controlled, no one hurts..
    But turns out a year later they still can't open the 3rd floor, there's still no elevator nor escalator so it really definitely wasn't a small fire, there's construction work everywhere !!
  19. All in all I started this list while in Chicago, thought of it in LA and now back in Paris. My feedback retrospectively is that the intensive wasn't that intense. But I guess it's like when learning a new language: at ucb I went from level 0 to learning basically all that matter in improv so now evolving and learning takes more time,
    Although there was really time it didn't feel intensive enough, maybe we didn't have enough classes, maybe we stayed too long on warm up games but I feel like we could have play more
  20. Second city is an institution but maybe too much institutionalized ?
    I guess for long term studies it's maybe the best and more professional and stuff but I got better feedback for short intensives for other schools
  21. I definitely wanna come back to the US to do improv
    3rd time a charm ? Maybe I'll try io this time (Chicago or LA) or UCB (LA might be easier than NYC for me as I can stay at my cousins, but will need to learn how to drive haha)
  22. Like at ucb NYC: I learned so much watching shows (in both Chicago and LA)
    Wow : of course it's terrible for the self esteem and I feel like my French team is ridiculous compared to them but also wow. The level is unbelievable
  23. And I feel I'm growing as an improv expert: so it's part of the process to learn what I like seeing versus what I like doing ; what I find funny and what humor I'm not sensible to. My improv journey is just starting !