Inspired by @amieshmamie
  1. Do you feel move by your national anthem ?
    Moved is not the right word. But now it does mean something to me. Well it was always important to me before a football game! And well I might have heard it too much at too many commemorations the past two years but I realized it's important. Also FYI the lyrics of La Marseillaise are super violent so some people don't like it (i invite you to google the lyrics and gasp in horror in the comment section)
  2. How do children in your country get to school ?
    Walk there most of the time ! Or maybe some parents drop them of but that's only my fancy cousins who had that ! Or public bus or metro if a bit too far. And for more isolated zones there's buses but not yellow. So yes when I was in the car with @k8mcgarry I took this picture because it was so "like in the movies" too me !
  3. Can you succinctly explain your country's health system and are most citizens satisfied with it ?
    Our country have one of the best health system in the world, basically everyone is cover (especially for big public hospital need) that's good! you have a complementary mutual fund (paid by your company mostly) that covers basically all the rest of medical costs. There's exceptions & for example some fancy doctors aren't working with the assurance minimum price so than you'll have to pay it. But I feel like we can't complain ; can't believe it took US Obamacare to get some public coverage
  4. What is the best part of living in your country ?
    The health insurance ? Haha no actually there's good social security if you lost your job etc. the people are annoying but the country is the prettiest country in the world
  5. What is the worst part ?
    Racism and the ostrich like approach of it (I have draft about it but it an hard one to write but it will be published eventually). I guess the racism and hatred is growing everywhere too but anyway that would be the number 1 bummer. Also people think they're so smart when they are not. But again maybe universal ? Oh and (privileged) people complain too much
  6. Are there accents within the language you speak ?
    Of course ! That's always the case isn't it ? So basically the strong ones are the north and the south ones. And I'm sorry to share those stereotypes haha but basically north people would be the "simple" ones and south is more like slow relax ones "no worry or hurry"; I guess they'd tell you Parisian accent is stress and mean and too much in an hurry
  7. What would you say is the overall impression people of your country have of the US and its citizens
    So hmm how can I bring that news to you... YOU ALL ARE DUMBDUMBS ; clearly this election isn't helping your case but don't worry that came from way before. Also you eat too much food (not (just) the obesity problem I'm talking literally the proportion of food in the plates and the size of the glasses)oh and also you're superficial/hypocrite but we love Obama tho ! Yay ! (?)
  8. Have you ever lived in another country ? If so, what difference stood out most between that country and your home ?
    I lived in Bruxelles for a year, the countries are pretty similar for big picture stuff (and EU I guess); the difference is more cultural Belgium being a pluri-langual country
  9. Do you hope to move to the US someday ?!
    I'd like to try at least for a few years but I'll never get a visa; and it's weird to still kinda dream of it but at the same time knowing everything that's wrong with your country but I guess mine has issues too so (at least we don't have guns tho)
  10. Can I come stay with you ?
    Why aren't you here already ?!