1. So when are you having children ? / why don't you have children
    From newly weds, to long time partners, to older couples : they don't owe you anything. Maybe they just don't want kids. Maybe they can't have kids. How's their answer gonna change your life ?! So shut up already
  2. What's that ? (show some physical things on your body or face : scars, malformation, or even some redness really)
    That's your mother. Asshole. Seriously I had a friend that had a terrible injury on the leg and knee and was so surprised by people actual rudeness (but she couldn't care less, wear shorts and put them back in their place when needed) (plus it's healing well)
  3. Did you lose/gained some weight ? Extra bonus: why ?
    Yes no ? Does that concern you ?
  4. How many sexual partners did you have ?!
    Here's the thing if you answer none you're a weird virgin, less than 3 you're a prude and more than 10 you're a whore so, why do you ask ? you'll judge no matter the answer, and guess what ?!numbers of sexual partner doesn't define a person !
  5. "Oh you're very private person ! You never talk about XXX ! Tell us about XXX !!!"
    So, if this person is private about something and just don't talk about it DONT ASK ABOUT IT ! XXX can be something that you feel totally ok to speak about (work, relationship, childhood, anything really) but here's the thing : if someone isn't talking about XXX they don't want to and won't.