Rachel Bloom music videos from before Crazy Ex-girlfriend, ranked

Because doing the best new show of this year, Rachel did stuff on her YouTube channel (Racheldoesstuff) so I ranked them; side note: when will she join li.st ?
  1. 11.
    Fuck me Ray Bradbury
    "the greatest sci-fi writer in history" https://youtu.be/e1IxOS4VzKM
  2. 10.
    I steal pets
    "From the popular people and dress the pets up like popular people" Only Rachel can do psycho fun ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ucmsunDs3jE&feature=share
  3. 9.
    I was a mermaid and now I'm a pop star !
  4. 8.
    Post picture of your dick
    Adele meets crazy psycho but you know when you've been left, the only thing you can do is post picture of your ex dick on the Internet https://youtu.be/FGJKIC4f1JQ
  5. 7.
    Nobody will watch the fucking Tony awards with me
    Did you send this link to all your friends yesterday ? You are not alone. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7NgNyPERdZE&list=PLps-716t4L-rpSYGwTWk1tQFo3PuOhJLN
  6. 6.
    We don't need a man
    When you and your friend got dump nothing like an empowering song right ? https://youtu.be/x08-oAvwE1I
  7. 5.
    Chanukah honey
    Where has this Santa baby parody been all my life ??!! This song is for me on so many levels https://youtu.be/7U0k_vHxc2k
  8. 4.
    Die when I'm young
    A very literal version of that Kesha song; newsflash: dying young isn't a good ideas. I won't lie a laughed way too much at this, feat an aborted fetus cameo that made me laugh even harder https://youtu.be/pophN0sF2UU
  9. 3.
    Historically accurate Disney princess song
    One of her most famous one ! Some of the best lyrics but don't want to spoil you ! Also great animation ! https://youtu.be/pophN0sF2UU
  10. 2.
    The OCD song
    I don't think I laughed that much in the first seconds of a video ever ! Learn the dance of the summer !! https://youtu.be/Ug19JBIIycs
  11. 1.
    You can touch my boobies
    Jeffrey Goldstein felt asleep at Hebrew school again ! Now is time for sex sex sexy sex boner boner uterus ! Feat Golda Meir cameo https://youtu.be/3sQEb9TSACY