Random pics taken during my trip in the US (that aren't selfies or landscapes)

For every pretty landscape picture I took, there's an useless photo too
  1. America: size does matter
  2. Pop corn corner at a bar
    Drunk texting an also very drunk @k8mcgarry cause I know she's allergic to popcorns and that's the saddest story ever heard
  3. Celebrating @LeahG getting her new apartment's keys : so not a selfie totally counts
    We finished that bottle of champagne which is the beginning of what leaded to the drunk pic above
  4. I walked the line(s)
  5. Ok this may counts as a landscape but I took it for a funny reason
    Cause first time in LA with my parents we couldn't find this sign ! And this time I ran into it many many times
  6. I hang with @k8mcgarry and @drugs : am I a cool LA girls now ?
  7. A giant church stole France slogan
    Just because you added devotion at the end doesn't mean that Liberty equality and fraternity aren't trademark ! AT LEAST CHANGE THE ORDER
  8. A pretty thing
    The artist will go far I think, I have good instinct for that
  9. @roaringsoftly took my Chicago pizza virginity very gently
  10. Gas station for an inside joke with my BFF and my mum
  11. My tiny breakfast with @simplyshelli
  12. I actually took a LOT of pictures in bubba Gump cause I'm obsess with the movie and it counts as a pilgrimage
  14. Feeling home sick at whole food
  15. Real men drink cocktail with flowers in it. As proven by @stevecady
  16. How cute is @simplyshelli 's place ? THIS CUTE
  17. Another pretty thing
  18. First thing seen in the very first shop I went to. SO ITS NOT JUST A LISTER OBSESSION ?!
    I didn't even try some cause I'm a mean Parisian that won't try something with a French name Americans can't even pronounce
  19. Apparently that's important to Chicago.
    I didn't get it but I'll brag seeing it (and also took a selfie with it) (but this is a selfie less list, don't want to be tacky or cliche narcissistic you know)
    Pict taken this morning very hangover
  21. In front of that famous bean selfie
  22. Mandatory Chicago selfie
  23. Gettyfie
  24. Lisafie
  25. Wetfie
    After the Jurassic park ride at universal. Revelation my hair aren't straight
  26. Classyfie
    @k8mcgarry took me at chateau marmont to celebrate our inner Lindsay Lohan
  27. Twofie !
  28. Treefie !
  29. Fourfie ! (You better count @listbot you fools)
    Oh and hello @jeremysomething @Nicholas ; are we gonna BREAK THE INTERNET ?! Or at least li.st maybe ?!
  30. And no I didn't came to the US to eat and meet listers (although I did that a lot) but to take improv lessons, draft about it on its way but weirdly this list is hard to write.
    But here's a second city selfie (photobomb by Rachel Dratch!!) because that was the most important thing I did (no it wasn't. It was seeing my great grand aunt but I'm not gross I won't talk feelings and stuff eww)