Aka the one where i might be a psycho : thank you draftmas
  1. Hi there, I'm Lisa
  2. @lisa was already taken
    Damn you common name. (I can't brag like @celeste)
  3. So I went for @Lisa_Fav
  4. Which is my Twitter handle
  5. The fav isn't for twitter's "favorites"
    Which are now called likes so I would have been screwed anyway
  6. No, it's short for my last name, Favier
  7. Now. Why not writing it here ?
  8. Of course there's the security/personal issues related to signing into a new app (I didn't know it will be all unicorns and butterflies in here at first)
  9. But tbh I don't have that much too hide
  10. Sorry if you thought I was a very famous French poet
  11. Or a model perhaps ?
  12. Maybe you thought I was a secret agent ?
  13. But no. I'm Lisa Favier
    I should say one Lisa Favier, I know for googling me that there are others that look even cooler: a doctor and a ping pong champion
  14. you may have now try to tell my name, even in your head, and there's 99% you mispronounced it
  15. It's fahveeyeah the closest right pronunciation I could described
  16. So basically I'm not writing my full name because..
  17. I don't want people I don't know IRL mispronouncing my name in their head.
    It's not easy being me 🙃