1. Cause from what I've seen in many listanniversary lists: lots of people joined thanks to/because of her
  2. Cause beta/recommended people should comeback and list more in general and her in particular
  3. Cause maybe she'll finally answer my list request (Guys I'm REALLY trying ok ?! (Hashtag taking one for the team) ) instead of starting to tell the goss' about Ocean 11 on tv
    Is goss' a thing ? I want to make it a thing
  4. Yeah also cause everyone love her and everything she says, does, writes
    But mostly the thing about me and my list
  5. Edit: @jessicaz wants me to make this an open list so that everyone can share their love (AND MAKE THAT LIST EVEN LESS ABOUT ME 😭) so there, share your love if you want
  6. @mindy needs to return to list because she makes me happy.. she is a sassy, intelligent, sexy ray-o-fucking sunshine. Please return to us Queen Mindy x
    Suggested by @jessicaz
  7. Because she'll be working with Oprah, Reese, Sandra, RIHANNA, Anne, Helena, Cate, Sarah, and Emma soon and we need some scoop about this!
    Suggested by @J_Mo