It's just midnight in Paris (without Owen Wilson) so it's already the 17th SO MARCH MADNESS IS ON @aus10 ! (Also let's thank and congrats Austin for doing that !!)
  1. So this is my first list for this march madness contest thing !
    For those of you who missed what's that all about go check @aus10 lists !! Mostly this one that sums up everything THE LIST APP MARCH MADNESS CONTEST (And see his last ones to see the brackets)
  2. As some of you may know, I'm a Gamma (thanks @k8mcgarry for including me in a sorority ) that means : I wrote lots of lists.
  3. Some old ones would have been great material for this contest but it's too late now ! But don't worry I still have more tricks in my sleeves
  4. This is a round 1 list. SO : why should you relist it and like it you may ask ?
  5. A/ Cause if you don't, there will never be a round 2, a round 3 or even round 4 lists ! And those lists will be GREAT
  6. Those lists will have everything :
    Some Stefon too.
  7. - A very personal list
  8. - A list about my list app crush(es)
  9. - A porn list
  10. - They will be real and spectacular ! With GIFS ! Pictures ! Puns ! Boobs ! A CREATHOR* !!
    * it's that thing, when @bjnovak leaks a list of nudes of him dress up as Thor while @dev is black widow
  11. B/ And it's not just about lists, this thing is a STATEMENT ! Cause there are more reasons to support me :
  12. I'm a poor foreign girl that till 2 days ago had no idea what March madness was. So it's the first and only time I'll get to participate in one !
  13. Plus as a foreigner I won't get to do my dream job in the US cause I'll never get a visa. . So if you support the idea of foreign people working in the us you should also support me here. Because otherwise it is like basically letting Trump win. IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT ?
  14. And then you may stiiiill be thinking ok but why liking THIS list ?
  15. C/ I'd say because if I managed to make you read an entire list ABOUT NOTHING I deserve a chance to go farther, and write some about things.
  16. C'est tout pour moi ! Merci Et Bonsoir !
  17. And I swear there will be a porn list.