Seriously what is this bullshit coming from lucky people that never seem to have regrets ?! I'm only 28 and I have tons of them and it's ok and normal and yes you can learn from some and sometimes you don't learn and sometimes the only lesson you get from them is that life sucks and is unfair
  1. Staying silent when I was boiling inside
  2. Not asking more questions before to people I've lost now
  3. Error of judgement in people's
    Both bad > right and right > bad sides
  4. Not acknowledging my feelings when I had some
  5. Few Crushes
  6. Not seeing what I couldn't see
  7. Not saying to people with sounds on their phones that it's bothering everyone in the metro/bus
    Currently still not saying it while in the metro with an annoying guy playing whatever. Eh still a coward sometimes ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  8. Not crying when I felt like I wanted to
  9. This badly written list
  10. Not being a cool kid during summer 1999