Thanks for the request @franksars ! For more context we talked about not having people we know IRL here and why that's actually a good thing : because people we know and have on others social medias ARE THE WORST
  1. They're not funny
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    And don't understand things like irony nor rule of 3.
  2. They think they know everything
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    People on Twitter think they're expert on tv, politics, media in general, life and and and just shut up already
  3. But they're ignorant of most thing
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    So many dumb dumb
  4. They'll judge you
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    Haters are hating ting ting
  5. They don't think you're funny
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    See #1 therefore they'll answer very literally to joke (in France we call that 1er and 2nd degree but not sure there's a translation for that). Ex: I tweeted recently about the difficulty to find Star Wars merch... TWO people gave me shops addresses
  6. They're not interesting
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    I don't care about your life, your kids, your job, the tv show you're watching and just you in general. Why did I accept your friend request ?
  7. They post dumb comments
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    Trolling or not trolling is the same. It's more dumbness
  8. They steal people jokes
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    See also Fat Jewish
  9. Or pictures
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    Every IG posts
  10. They're not on List App. And not welcome. Because. See above.
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